Same old plodding on with regards to not drinking, the path starts to get a little more rocky in two days when ‘Thursday Night Club’ comes in to play and my husband starts to drop hints that we deserve a little liquid relaxation. So today has been devoted to setting this site up a little.

Being Sober can be Fun

I mean it must be otherwise no one would be able to cope with a life of sobriety could they? I thought this page could have a great photo of a woman (well I’m not ready to put my mug on here yet) laughing at a dinner table or having fun on a night out sober. But guess what? It’s just about impossible to find a picture of someone letting loose without a glass of something very obviously alcoholic in hand. Time and time again I’d find a great shot only to realise the woman in question had her fingers tenderly curled around the stem of a glass of wine or a cocktail.

It would seem that the media will only permit us to have fun under the influence. Alcohol has become an integral part of what we consider to be relaxation, if we socialise it can only be in the presence of alcohol.

How did I not Notice?

We’re surrounded by alcohol and I think I’m only just starting to notice. It’s obvious and yet universally ignored. I suddenly feel like the Saturday Night Live sketch about Beyonce


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