The last night of the old year, a time when people traditionally look back on the path their lives had taken and weep piteously into festive drinks. It’s a time of new resolutions, of rash promises to be healthier, cleaner, leaner, better and most of all someone else.

Each year I approach this turning over of a new leaf with glee, I decide to give up drinking, lose many, many pounds, learn a new skill, save money, be a better parent and every year I fail.


I have never managed a year, all too soon the lustre of being a noble, self-sacrificing, parsinimous person fades and I get bored. Bored of denial, bored of maintaining the enthusiasm needed to make these changes.

Now this year is different. I have evolved. Well, evolving, I think I’ve found the key to success but only time will tell.

I will commit to a 30 day challenge. No, more than that. I am commiting to 12, 30 day challenges.

I want to give my all to my resolution and by the time my interest is fading? That’s fine, it’ll be 30 days and I can drop it and move onto the next challenge. I don’t want to watch the scales everyday, I don’t want to see a pound gained as confirmation of failure. I don’t want to deny myself drinks at a barbeque or Easter Eggs or lazy Sundays where I stay indoors and read a book all day. I want to do all these things and still lose weight and get fit and healthy.

So, this isn’t a revolution. You cannot overthrow the choices you make yourself. No one forces me to eat chocolate, drink wine, hide under the duvet and pretend the mounting pile of chores doesn’t exist. I do that.

No, this is an evolution. I am developing. I intend to throw my heart and soul into the challenge and see what sticks and discard what I don’t need anymore.

This is a 30 Day Evolution.


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