Don’t worry, that’s not my office. There’s no way I could cope with the wallpaper, I mean how can you concentrate on working when you can tell that the two pictures on the wall aren’t at the exact same height? Or why would you put a slightly larger plate in the centre of a display so that the visible stripes of the wallpaper either side weren’t equidistant?


But the mess doesn’t worry me, that is not important. So long as you have the space and a really study lock on the door, your office can be as messy as you want.

Sadly though, we don’t have an extra room surplus to requirements. No rooms here empty and covered in dust (plenty of full ones though). To work effectively at home you need the space to do so and sometimes that means you have to get creative.

Channel your Inner Harry Potter

This has been my solution. I’ve cleared out years of accumulated junk and rehomed the spiders (into the vacuum, they love it in there, it’s like the teacups but with more limb loss). Once clear, it’s surprising how much space there is available with the slope making a natural shelving area for more books.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did and not measure the height and width of the understairs space, The only way I eventually managed to shoe-horn the desk in was by disassembling the desk and then holding the top while barking orders at my husband to attach the legs, quickly.

Swing Out Sister

This seems to be the ultimate idea for those with little space.When you’ve finished working, simply fold up the table and you’re left with a wall mounted cupboard with a beautiful photo collage.

This is all based around the amazingly cheap Ikea desk Norberg  at £29 that in this instance has been modified to attach to a wall mounted shelf and it’s surprisingly effective. Sadly this is only being sold in Austrailia but if you’re way more crafty-minded than me, you should be able to knock this up in a couple of hours (I say that, I have no clue how long things these take, could be months of work lining up the hinges).


Eat. Clear. Work. Repeat

If you’ve got the cash and you’re one of those people that can tidy away their work at the end of the day and still know what you’re doing the next, this may be the solution for you.

The advantage of using the dining table is the expanse of area you’ve got to cram with coffee cups, screwed up bits of paper and a cat spread out your work. This desk looks both beautiful and practical but I’m guiessing it might come with a high pricetag. It comes from the home of designer Lotta Jansdotter and nothing as crude as money is mentioned in the article.

Maybe it’s not quite as stylish but you could still channel your inner Lotta and at the end of the day, pack your work into a sealable box or shelve it high ready to be unpacked the next day.

(Wo)man Shed

Now this is my secret dream [rubs thighs in a lascivious manner] your own space! Away from children/housework/civilisation*

There are amazing companies out there that can design bespoke…err, I don’t think I can even call them sheds, outdoor living areas but these can cost thousands. If you are unafraid of a few spiders (the vacuum lead would never extend that far), and you’re handy with a bit of 2 by 4 (I don’t know what that is) then you could evict the lawnmower and the 15 cans of half-used paint and ta daaah! Come, you’ve got this.


*Delete all or none as appropriate.


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