Okay, strictly speaking this is day 2 but to me it feels like the real start. Yesterday was all about the hangover, there was no real sense of new beginnings, just a lot of sofa and refined sugar.

I’m awake while the rest of the house still slumbers. I’m alert goddammit! I can’t remember the last time I actually felt like the coming day had prospects rather than just time to fill until I could feel human again.

I’m so pleased.

  • Pleased I have committed to 30 days sober.
  • Pleased I didn’t cave last night and give into the voice telling me that I could delay my day 1 by 24 hours.
  • Pleased that I’ve had 20 minutes of calm to prepare for the day.

Now I have no illusions, this isn’t a magic switch I’ve flicked, there will be lows and I know I’m going to regret giving up what seems like my best friend right now, but I really want to grab the positives with both hands and celebrate.


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